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Alpine World Ski Championships '62


"A skier is a blur of-- motion as he flies down --a slopeat the Alpine World Ski--Championships held in--France, 1962"

Artist: Constantin

Vintage: c. 1962

Height: 39

Width: 25

Condition: A-

Poster remained famous because these world championships in Chamonix were victims of the cold war. Following the construction of the Berlin Wall, East Germans are banned from residing in all NATO member states. Skiers from eastern Germany are therefore denied visas for France, then a member of the Atlantic Alliance. Therefore, the International Ski Federation (FIS) cancels at the last moment the Chamonix World Championships. These are replaced by World Games that take place on the dates scheduled for the championships.

The World Championships poster remains on the walls but announces only races of less interest since the title of world champion is no longer in play. But during these World Games, the FIS reconsiders its decision and decides that the winners of Chamonix races are truly world champions. This poster finally announces finally World Championships!

Also the first time on World Championship history the Swiss do not win any medals!

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