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"Here is a serene view of Blausee through the eyes of Baumberger"

Blausee or Blue Lake is one of the most famous mountain lakes in Switzerland, and its striking indigo color, and placid landscape, are accurately conveyed by Baumberger, one of Switzerlands most celebrated poster artists. At bottom right, see a trio of diners sitting down for a drink al fresco, which you can still do today.

An idyllic scene in the Berner-Oberland in Switzerland. The artist, Otto Baumberger created more than 200 poster designs. One reason for Baumbergers popularity was his incredible versatility, whos style was at various times: cubist, humorous, abstract, or painterly. He is often referred to as the ‘spiritual father’ of the Swiss poster.

First and foremost, Baumberger was a painter. His passion is evident in his work, and is one of the many reasons his posters have stood the test of time. He wrote, The posters and advertising art … are a makeshift way of earning a living; actually I am a painter…Although applied art is a field in which, in spite of the rush work that is always demanded, I give my best, particularly as regards [to] the poster… The Swiss Poster, 54. When Baumberger died his estate consisted of zero posters but many paintings, which had little value. If he had left posters the family would have been much better off. It is astounding how many of the great graphic designers considered poster art to be beneath them. Baumberger considered posters as income, and the world considered his posters as fine art.

Artist: Otto Baumberger

Vintage: c. 1930

Height: 39

Width: 25

Condition: A

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