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Pontresina-Window Box

"Bright red flowers in a flowerbox, a white butterfly flitting through a pure blue expanse of sky, snow capped peaks in the distance, and we have a sense of beautiful Pontresina"

Located near St. Moritz, Pontresina is the leading mountaineering resort of the Engadine, its winter season lasting well into the spring, offering long-distance ski excursions and sunny ski runs. Seeing as the village sits in Val Bernina the highest altitude valley branching off of the Upper Engadin Valley it is not surprising to see snowcapped mountains in the distance, even with a single fluttering butterfly and an ornate ironwork metal window grille overflowing with flowers. Clearly spring has sprung and the question is raised: why should Pontresina be a winter-only destination? Peikert, without resorting to lithographic braggadocio, sets the perfect tone and the bait is set. After his training and a period as a poster artist/decorator for a Geneva department store, Peikert worked for Orell Fussli in Zurich for two years, after which time he went freelance. In a long and productive career, he produced many posters, the best known of which remain his travel posters.

Price Category: $1000 - $5000

Artist: Peikert

Vintage: c. 1950

Height: 40

Width: 25

Condition: B+

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