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Uriage les Bains


"Gorde provides an abstract and sensual way to promote tourism to Uriage Les Bains"

Gaston Gorde has an eye-opening take on Art Deco, a type of intensity that is almost hyperreal, which he's deployed with meaningful effect in posters for Miel Alphandery (see PAI-LXXI, 336) and Superbagneres Luchon (see PAI-XLII, 303). Here, a golden goddess arises from the mountain silhouette, steamy and icy at the same time, to seduce visitors to Uriage les Bains, a sulfur spa first settled and exploited by the ancient Romans. People still flock to Uriage seeking relief from psoriasis, arthritis and sinusitis. Ah, such relief!

Artist: Gorde

Vintage: c. 1936

Height: 39

Width: 25

Condition: A-

"Female,railroad,uriage les bains, France,1930s,Gorde, vintage posters"

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