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St Gervais les Bains


"This young "Heidi" enjoys hiking at St. Gervais"

Situated in the French Rhône-Alpes, St. Gervais-Les-Bains is closely associated with outstanding ski conditions–seeing that Mont Blanc rises on Saint Gervais communal territory this only seems appropriate. However, the PLM railway taps Tory to promote the village as children’s paradise. And though dressed in what would seem like a climate-inappropriate baby-doll outfit, this apple-cheeked wanderer makes for a rather convincing argument.

Artist: Tory

Vintage: c. 1930

Height: 39

Width: 24

Condition: A-

"1930s, St Gervais, summer, France, French Mont Blanc, Mt Blanc, hiker, villages, vintage posters"

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